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YummyArt ™ Markers & YummyCookies ™

Now you can customize your cookies, cakes and other food items with your own personal touch! YummyArt  Edible Markers work just like regular markers - the difference being that they are made with edible food coloring and so the ink is edible and you can eat what you draw! Decorate any smooth, dry food surface such as iced cookies, fondant on cakes, marshmallows, even bread!

Add a personal touch to your kids birthday party or event - YummyArt ™ edible markers make for a perfect fun-time activity.  Have the kids decorate their own frosted cupcakes, iced cookies or marshmallows and they your party will be the talk of the town!

YummyArt ™ edible markers are the perfect complement to 
YummyCookies™ ! YummyCookies are sugar icing coated, and the flavor of the cookies is a delectable vanilla sugar or honey vanilla.  Write your own special message on these gourmet vanilla-sugar cookies. Bundle them with YummyArt ™ Edible Markers and make a personal statement.  YummyCookies ™ are KSA Dairy certified Kosher, vanilla flavored, made in the USA and have a shelf life of 6 months (packaged). Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.

YummyArt edible markers and YummyCookies are available at and other fine online and retail store resellers