Custom Printed Chocolate Transfer Sheets (your own design) on A4 size sheets (8.27 in x 11.8 in)


We are offering two options to upload your image file:

Select this option if you have already prepared your image / design file for printing, or if you require our help with image editing like background removal.
Choose this option to access self-service Designer Tool that gives you the flexibility to add text, upload multiple images, create collages, and more.

Upload your design (logo, artwork, etc) and we will print it to our high quality acetate chocolate transfer sheets. Will work for transfer to DARK CHOCOLATE or WHITE CHOCOLATE as the printing process is proprietary and not done via inkjet which has limitations for how colors show up on dark chocolate. These custom printed chocolate transfer sheets result in stunning, high quality image transfer to chocolate.

Each frosting sheet is 8.27 inches x 11.8 inches (300mm x 310mm) and is customized with your edible photo, logo, or artwork.

Simply upload your design (or email it to us) and allow 2-4 weeks estimated production time for your custom printed chocolate transfer sheets. We print them in mirror image, so when you pour your tempered chocolate over the sheets, the edible images will transfer beautifully and will be in the correct orientation.

There is a minimum order of 1,000 sheets due to the costs involved to setup and produce a custom print. No additional fees will be charged (such as mold fees, which we absorb). Your logo or image can be single color, or multi-color. They will be packed in bags with 50 sheets per bag.

As for the spacing / dimensions that you want your image printed, you can provide that information as a note at checkout, but we will reach out to you also so we can be sure to have the design made to the size and specifications that you need. You can use your chocolate transfer sheets with molds, or in other ways too.

WARNING: These items are made with cocoa butter, which can melt in hot temperatures, especially during very hot summer months. We highly recommend the purchase of the "Keep It Cool" packaging for every $50 worth of product, and we recommend selecting an expedited shipping option such as 2 Day or 3 Day delivery in summer or hot months to maintain these items in pristine condition. We cannot be responsible for any melting due to transit temperatures if the "Keep It Cool" packaging and an expedited shipping option are not selected.

  • Minimum order qty: 1000

Volume Discount:

  • Price (qty 1-1499): $1.99 each
  • Price (qty 1500-1999): $1.79 each (10% off)
  • Price (qty 2000-3999): $1.59 each (20% off)
  • Price (qty 4000-9999): $1.39 each (30% off)
  • Price (qty 10000+): $1.19 each (40% off)

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