Keep It Warm - Thermal Packaging


Thermal insulation packaging for protecting sensitive items from freezing during shipping in cold climates.

Add this item to your order if you are ordering any sensitive items to ship to cold or freezing climates. Highly recommended for shipping items such as frosting sheets (to prevent frost bite which causes cracking), chocolate transfer sheets (to prevent the cocoa butter on the sheets from freezing and causing spotting on the surface) and fondant (to prevent from frost bite which can cause extreme dry patches).

This item includes an insulated thermal envelope to help preserve the integrity of your order. We recommend adding one "Keep It Warm" packaging for every $50 of product that you are ordering. For example, if you're ordering less than $50 worth of a "cold"-sensitive product, add one of this "Keep It Warm" packaging to your order. If you're ordering between $50 and $100 worth of cold-sensitive product, add two of this "Keep It Warm" packaging to your order.

Please note, this packaging is intended to help prevent your sheets and other edible items from freezing during shipping in extreme cold for limited periods of time. It is not guaranteed to prevent freezing if exposed to excessive cold for prolonged periods.